First,  you should never install a Tour Tank and take off on a long trip.  You need to
test out the Tour Tank install to make sure it works properly for the bike and for you, the
rider.  Get the Tour Tank well in advance of your trip. Take your time to insure you mount it
securely and safely then test it on rides in your area.

The most difficult part of installing your tank is deciding where and how to mount the tank. If
you have a rear rack it helps a lot. Each Tour Tank mounting bracket has 2 holes about 3/8"
diameter. Use 5/16" diameter case hardened bolts to secure the brackets to your
motorcycle. Once you have decided where to mount the tank you must make sure you
mount it securely-test the strength of your install. There are so many different bikes and
different ways to mount a Tour Tank that it is impossible to cover them. If you need help
contact a motorcycle shop in your area.

Bikes with Carbs.
Motorcycles with carburetors are pretty easy to tie into the fuel system with a T-Fitting.
Splice into the bike's fuel line between the main tank and the carb. You'll need an in-line
valve to control the flow of gas from the Tour Tank as well as other fittings. Most of the parts
you'll need are included in our connection kits. Before you order one of our kits
, remove one
of your fuel lines and measure the inside diameter of the hose. Then order that size kit.

Bikes with Fuel Injection.
Motorcycles with FI must use the bike's factory fuel pump.  The easiest way to get the Tour
Tank gasoline to the fuel pump is via your main tank.  This can happen in many different
ways.  Some bikes have crossover hoses in the main tank.  If that is the case you can insert
a tee fitting in the crossover line that will move the gas from the Tour Tank into the main
tank.  Other bikes will require a bulkhead or weld fitting added to the main tank.  If you are in
doubt find a good motorcycle shop for help.

You will also need to run a hose from the Rollover Safety vent valve to your catch tank.  
Most newer motorcycles have factory catch tanks connected to the main tank.  You can also
use an add on catch tank.

Our products are universal fit. Take your time to design your plan and then as you
implement the install you can modify it as you progress. Remember: Safety is paramount.

From The Staff at Tour Tank